Parent Enrichment

Our hope is that parents are encouraged in their homeschooling journey from their relationships in the Eagle‚Äôs Nest community.  It is a group of like-minded Christian families who enjoy homeschooling and value community.  By gathering each week for Community Day, we are able to connect with each other and build relationships. 

Additionally, parents gather 3 times a year for fellowship and prayer at our Parent Meetings.  The meetings are in August, February, and May.  Thoughtfully planned throughout the year, they offer a time to get together and share how your homeschooling is going and to receive encouragement and prayer from other parents. 

Our group has a mix of veteran and new homeschooling families which creates a dynamic community.  The experienced parents are more than willing to share and help the newer parents with questions about curriculum and other homeschooling tips.

Depending on the talents and interests of our members, we will be offering periodic homeschool workshops on different homeschool related topics and focus groups (book groups, prayer gatherings, etc.).

We hope you join us!