In July, ACA-SC registration opens and the forms and fees are due by August 10, 2022. Use the registration form (located in the drop down menu above) and submit it with your fees to the ACA-SC Coordinator. 

Choose and purchase your own curriculum and homeschool your children.  (Eagle’s Nest of ACA-SC members can borrow curriculum from our Curriculum Lending Library.)  

During the school year ACA-SC parents must attend 2 of the 3 parent meetings. They are August 29 (mandatory), February 13, and May 8. 

At the beginning of the school year, High School students begin keeping a record keeping journal of their weekly school work for courses taught at home. In January, they submit their record keeping journal for review to the ACA-SC Coordinator (see for guidelines). 

At the end of May, email your report cards and attendance tracker to the ACA-SC Coordinator.