High School Program

American Christian Academy- Sonoma County is a private school offering a high school independent study program to support individualized education in order to maximize student success.

Independent Study Program (ISP): In the ISP for High School the ACA Independent Study Administrator (ISA) meets with parent and student to create an educational plan and ensure satisfactory progress toward graduation. This is a multi step process.

  1. Create a 4 year educational road map for high school to meet graduation requirements
  2. Create current year course schedule (utilizing approved curriculum)
  3. Meet at regular intervals with the ISA throughout the school year to review assignments and complete evaluations
  4. Minimum work load of 4 classes equal to 20 semester credits required

Athletics: Athletics are an important part of a well rounded education, therefore ACA-SC is committed to offering sports opportunities at the secondary level. To be eligible for participation all athletes must be current with #1-4 outlined above and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.